Upcoming event: CHUMS Take-up Seminar – Changing Habits for Urban Mobility Solutions

Globally, society is moving towards shared ownership of goods and services. Changing Habits for Urban Mobility Solutions (CHUMS) is the initiative helping the carpooling industry to develop the sharing economy trend.

Project partners Liftshare and Vectos are excited to announce the CHUMS Take-up Seminar which will introduce the CHUMS approach, take-up, and progress to Network Cities. The seminar will take place on 2-3 December in London, England. Registration is now open for delegates, and interested parties can contact Paul Curtis, Vectos (paul.curtis@vectos.co.uk) for further information.

The strategic aim of the CHUMS project is to attract, inform and retain carpoolers. These measures are being put into place by five Implementation Cities which represent the diversity of mobility mind-sets across Europe:  Craiova, Romania; Edinburgh, UK; Leuven, Belgium; Toulouse, France; and Perugia, Italy. The CHUMS team will be joined by industry experts from across Europe, who will talk through the Implementation Cities’ experiences to date, and includes presentations from the project partners. Delegates will see how the project has progressed in all five Implementation Cities, learn about the benefits of automated Personal Travel Planning, and receive tips on how to win the interest of employees and key decision makers.  There will also be interactive sessions and a mock-up carpooling exhibition stall to provide delegates with hands-on experience of what is offered within the project.

The project has developed a European carpooling network with 19 member states and candidate countries, where there is potential for further take-up of the CHUMS measures. The 10 fully committed CHUMS partners include mobility behaviour experts, city authorities, and carpool operators.

The project is now at a stage where Implementation Cities can provide feedback and help Network Cities achieve important changes in travel behaviour mind-sets for commuting. This seminar will provide an opportunity for Network Cities to learn from the practical implementation of CHUMS measures, in terms of both setting up new carpooling schemes or improving existing schemes. This will help these cities to rely on more energy efficient transport and in turn, promote less congestion, reduce single occupancy car trips, and gain benefits from reduced pressure from cars at work sites, potentially freeing-up valuable parking spaces.

As the CHUMS Coordinator, Vectos’ International Project Manager Paul Curtis will be chairing the seminar and will be joined by CHUMS partners to present on the technical aspect of carpooling and the software options available.

Liftshare’s founder Ali Clabburn will present on ‘Current Best Practice in the Carpooling Industry’. Laura Watling, also from Liftshare, will provide a demonstration of Liftshare’s myPTP tool as a comparison to traditional manual personalised travel planning. Liftshare’s myPTP offers instant, tailored advice to individuals showing all of their travel options including carpooling and public transport.

The seminar will provide a fantastic networking opportunity for guests to mingle with project partners and influencers in the industry.

Author Lex Barber


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