‘Million Miles’ promotes sustainable travel with the support of Liftshare

A three year project set up in the Black Isle in Scotland called Million Miles, has exceeded its target to reduce the number of car miles on the local roads. The project which promotes greener more sustainable travel, encourages individuals to consider the following alternatives;

  • Active travel (walking and cycling)
  • Greener car travel (car-sharing)
  • Public transport.

The project exceeded its original target of 1 million by 30%, seeing the reduction of 1,352,277 miles – proving that communities are a great place for real deep change to come from. The reduction of miles equated to a saving of 718 tonnes of carbon a year. The Liftshare scheme saw 726 members register and 23% of those sharing their journey on a regular basis.

Marion McDonald, transports project officer for the Million Miles initiative said the following;

“We use lift-sharing as one of the key planks to cut down on car miles. People generally travel quite significant distances so the cost savings do add up quickly,” Marion admits that it can be a struggle to get people out of their cars to share rides. However, the wider benefits that result from such schemes, such as people leaving work on time, are helping to change attitudes.

If you would like more information about Liftshare – please get in touch email tellmemore@liftshare.com or call 01603 389321 and speak to Kate

Author Jonathan Scutt


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