How to make the most out of car sharing in football

Travel and football go hand-in-hand – whether you’re crossing town to reach your favourite club’s stadium, or you’ve organised an away game road trip with friends – there are many reasons why car sharing can help dedicated fans save money. 

No matter if your team is playing home or away, sharing the journey supports cheaper football travel for everyone: 

  • Local supporter’s branch coach travel often oversubscribed. Sign up to Liftshare for free ton search for shared journeys among our community of over 700,000 lift sharers! If a driver is heading to or near the stadium, you can request one of their spare seats. Car sharing is often the most affordable means of travel.
  • If you’re driving to a match out of town and you want to save on petrol – why not post the journey on Liftshare for free and offer up your spare seats for a fair split of the total fuel bill? 

Football away travel can be expensive 

Liftshare Group work with The Football League who help fans across 72 clubs make away trips more affordable. Our commutologists spoke with the supporter trusts, fans and clubs to find about their favourite team’s travel situation – and how it could be improved. 

Pete at Stevenage FC fan site BoroGuide, believes a team away travel experiences vary depending on where your team is based. 

“It can be affordable enough from Stevenage, but much does depend on where we’re going and if it’s a weekend or midweek fixture for example. We’re on the East Coast line and near to London, which makes the train a decent option if it is a particularly long trip – but not when you’re coming out the ground at 10pm. One option offering good value for money are the Supporters’ Association buses – but these won’t always run if the demand isn’t there, which can sometimes be an issue.” 

Pete shared further insight into the cost of travel to Stevenage football matches:  

“If you can take advantage of advance rail tickets or Groupsave when travelling in and around, it’s possible to save quite a bit of cash. But the cost of going to away games can feel really expensive sometimes, especially if you’re considering food and drink too – it’s not hard to push the overall cost of an away day over £100.” 

Liftshare is working hard to spread the word of its car sharing community, which is both friendly, secure and trusted by the UK’s largest car insurers. Some community members are saving up to £2,000 a year on travelling to matches regularly. 

What about parking options? 

If it comes to getting around home games, specifically gridlock and parking issues – Pete told us, “The Lamex Stadium is quite simple to get to from the A1(M) but there’ll usually be fair bit of traffic on the roads – shoppers at the weekend and people on the way home from work in the evenings.” 

“You can park in the car park opposite the ground on Broadhall Way for free. More often than not, however, there’s no issue getting parked up.” 

For Stevenage FC, the idea of car sharing seems like a fairly practical solution to keeping the cost of travel down for both drivers and passengers.  


Liftshare’s safe and secure site means you always know who you are driving with, and our smart algorithm ensures car owners never make a profit – so their insurance is unaffected too! 


Want to try car sharing and see how much you and your team supporters can save? 

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Author Ewa Orczykowska


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