Liftshare leaderboard, levels and badges

Liftshare is trailing a new enhancement to the member experience which will gamify our carsharing software.

Members will get access to a leaderboard for their community, or the public network, their very own badge cabinet, and will be able to progress through different carshare levels.

Ease of use, gamification and a healthy level of competition are what Liftshare sees as a helpful and fun increase in conversion — and, according to testing they’ve conducted, better outcomes, including an increased level of carshare validation (Trip Authentications) for companies and businesses to report on actual carsharing on a real time basis.

Fig 1: A sneak peak at the levels a member can progress through and badges they can earn related to their profile. 

This system will allow members to earn badges and points for completing desired behaviours and reaching carsharing milestones. Points earned from badges are then be used to ranked members on community leaderboards across the platform. The successful implementation of this opportunity seeks to:

  • Drive overall member engagement across the platform

  • Incentivise authentication on the platform which is now rolled out across all members.

  • Foster a strong community

Fig 2: A sneak peak at our wireframes starting off our badge cabinet.


What are Liftshare rewarding members for?

 Mobile Validated Earn the mobile validated badge by adding your mobile number to your account. This makes it easier to finalize arrangements when you and your match confirm that you want to share.
 Picture Perfect To earn the “Picture perfect” badge, upload a profile picture when setting up your profile. Having a profile picture increases your chances of finding a match by 25%.
 Bio Ready Earn the “Bio Ready” badge by adding a biography to your profile. Adding a bio increases your chances of finding a match by 30%.
 Your first journey To earn the”First journey” badge, add a journey to your account. This journey could be your daily commute, a weekend getaway, or even a long-distance trip.
 1st Request-to-share Send a request to share to another member to earn the 1st Request to share” badge. If your match accepts, you will earn the “1st Teams” badge too!
 1st Message Communication is key to successful carsharing, and often great friendships formed through carsharing all start with a single message. Send a message to earn this badge.
 1st Team Form a Liftshare team with another member and start your journey together. When you do, we will give you the “1st Team” badge.
 App User Earn this badge by downloading the Liftshare Companion App from the Google or Apple store. Every time you share, authenticate your journey through the app.

After all of the above badges are collected, members can earn infinite amounts relating to trip authentications, C02 saved and miles saved at particular milestones. For example, badges can be collected for:

  • 1st Trip Authentication, 5 Trip Authentications, 10 Trip Authentications etc
  • 1 tonne of CO2 saved, 2 tonnes, 5 tonnes etc
  • 5 miles saved, 10 miles saved, 20 miles saved etc

After testing some of these badges, we’ll be drip feeding in more and more!

Looking to save money on your commute and help the environment?

Why not try Liftshare, the UK’s leading carsharing platform? With our new gamification enhancements, you can earn points and badges for every trip you take, and compete with your colleagues or other members by levelling up and ranking up the leaderboard. Reaching key milestones will save you money and help reduce your CO2 emissions. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start carsharing!

Find out more by emailing or contacting your Account Manager.


Author Sarah Roberts


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