10 reasons smart people install Liftshare on their mobile

We know Liftshare members are smartphone savvy people. We’ve seen smart take up of both our Android App and the new Apple iOS App too.

Are you already using the app? There are 50,000 connections every day on the Liftshare network and the app is a great way to tap into those.

There are many other reasons why you should install the app on your phone right now. Here are 10 of our favourite;

#1 Liftshare makes driving cheaper, greener, better

Google_Play_StoreHeading up to a festival, going to support your favourite team or driving across the country for a convention? Liftshare’s app supports messaging so you can easily update your passenger with pickup details. You’ll save money with less faff.

Don’t have a car, need a driver? The app will save you loads of money; you won’t need a car.

#2 The Liftshare app makes things less awkward

The app supports online bookings. If you’re Liftsharing to commute you probably don’t want to either track down £1.27 every day. The cashless app avoids the awkwardness of coin hunting or having a ton of small change rolling around in the car.

#3 Get your grown-up kids home for the holidays

Students do not always have enough money left at the end of a University term to pay for a train ticket back home. That’s no reason to miss Christmas, birthdays or any holiday.

Get the Liftshare app on their smartphone and they’ll have a cost-effective way of getting home to see you.

#4 Support your team

Grab the App

Liftsharing to a football or rugby match is a great way to support your team. It means at least two, maybe more, fans for each car. It keeps the cost of being a football fan down as well.

#5 Avoid being stranded

Have you ever been to a festival only to drop your car keys or “misplace” your wallet? Put the Liftshare app on your phone now, add your credit card details, and provided you don’t lose that as well you will have means of arranging a lift home!

#6 Make some friends

Here at Liftshare we often hear how commuting can be boring. You are stuck in the car, twice a day, and with no one to talk to. With the app on your phone you will be able to find a paying passenger, have someone to talk to on the commute and even message throughout the day.

#7 Avoid annoying parking tickets

Heading into town but don’t fancy paying annoying parking permits or, worse, the dreaded parking fine? These can be avoided by not bringing your car and having someone else drive you.

Alternatively, drive someone else and use their contribution to your petrol costs to pay the parking ticket. Problem solved.

#8 Dodge travel chaos

Imagine the scenario. You are on a train and heading into a city that has just announced wildcard taxi, bus or tube strikes! You know full well that travel chaos awaits you.

With the Liftshare app on your smartphone you can dodge the travel chaos by finding someone to offer you a lift to your next destination and you can coordinate with them with the messaging system too.

#9 Improve your family life

There are times every family wish they had one more car. If your husband or wife has taken the car to work there is no reason why you can’t also go out to the local monster truck rally, your nearby Viking battle enactment, out of town craft fair or airshow.

Install the Liftshare app to your phone you can make last minute decisions to do something fun, even if you don’t have access to the car right now.

#10 You care about the world

There are lots of immediate and practical benefits of lift-sharing… and then there’s the rather useful long term impact of helping to save the world. When you car-share then you are reducing carbon emissions, you are reducing the traffic jams clogging up the streets and helping out with sustainable travel.

What’s your reason?

Do you have an even smarter reason to have the Liftshare app on your phone? Let us know in the comments below!

Enough chat! Give me the app now!

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