The 30 Day Sharing Challenge

It’s no secret that I’m a big social media fan, and I love a quick click around on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It’s where I get much of my day to day news and keep up what’s going on with friends and family.

This October, I, like many others, took on a 30 day challenge. Social networks are alive with these at the moment – mainly fitness focussed to-do lists which can help you shape up for winter and all the food and indulgence it brings.

For me, this has been a yoga challenge, and I’ve dedicated all of October to mastering a different pose every day. While I do practice yoga, I’m not the most ‘zen’ of people, and so trying some poses that I normally avoid like the plague has been a good learning curve for me.

So, I’m taking my daily effort and channelling it into something a little different for November. I’ve created The 30 Day Sharing Challenge, an opportunity for me to try something outwardly positive each day and involve myself more with other people.

Working for Liftshare, a sharing economy company, I’ve discovered lots of cool opportunities to share with others… I just don’t always necessarily do them. But here I am, ready and willing to try.

Maybe you’d like to give it a go too? If you feel like getting involved, you can also dip in or out and do as much or as little as you like. The aim is to set a personal challenge to make your life and the lives of others that little bit brighter through sharing.

So without further ado, here is my 30 Day Sharing Challenge:

I’ll be using the hashtag #30dsc for Twitter, and will share this image too. Feel free to use it to keep your own challenge in check!

Each day is a little different, and lots can be interpreted in different ways. But here’s the rough guidelines that I’m setting myself for each day.

1, Share a lift – starting as I mean to go on! I’ll be using to share a lift wherever it is that I need to go.
2, Share a skill – OK, so it might be tricky to find something I’m good at. But, I’ll pass it on and help someone out as best as I can.
3, Share a secret – maybe not something too dark. But it’s good to talk. Right?
4, Share a memory – preferably not an embarrassing one, but taking some time to reminisce on a happy memory!
5, Share a story – this could be talking, reading a book, or giving a book away.
6, Share a space – an exercise in not allowing spare space go to waste. Probably in my house, but this could work with whatever or wherever you have!
7, Share some time – another one that can be interpreted in a range of different ways, I’ll use a spare couple of hours to help someone or something.
8, Share an outfit – my little sister and I spent years arguing over who’s clothes were who, so this could be an easy one for me… if we can ever agree. This could be as easy as dropping off something unwanted to the charity shop, or full personal styling. 
9, Share a home cooked meal – hopefully microwave meals count, or this could be a tricky one for me…
10, Share a walk – a catch-up, chat, and a stretch of the legs.
11, Share a fact – got a handy tip or life hack? Let others know!
12, Share a smile – even if just because it scares strangers in the street 😉
13, Share a cuddle – with a person, pet, cuddly toy or… whatever it is you want to hug.
14, Share some sweat – ooh, OK. Because exercise is good for you, and much more bearable when you’re with mates.
15, Share the wealth – I’m not talking big bucks. But got a couple of coins you put in a charity box? Pick a cause you love and let us know why!
16, Share a joke – but let’s keep it appropriate, please, guys!
17, Share a pet –  Take a dog for a walk, cuddle a cat, or feed a lizard…
18, Share a ride – share some adrenaline!
19, Share a snack – my colleagues spend all day eating the food off my desk, so this won’t be a challenge for me (aside from not having to tell them off straight after…)!
20, Share a game – board game, brain game, computer game, sports match, this one is totally up to you.
21, Share a song – make a recommendation, or get musical!
22, Share a new experience – anything you’ve never done before. Within reason…
23, Share something useful – can you lend someone something you don’t need full-time? A blender, a ladder, a hoover? Anything at all that’s not in constant use.
24, Share a chore – as my Mum always says “Go on, make yaself useful for once!”
25, Share some wisdom – or use someone else’s, if it helps.
26, Share an adventure – go somewhere, do something!
27, Share some excitement – making plans and having something to look forward to is always great.
28, Share some creativity – paint, sing, dance, create… anything you like.
29, Share a lazy day – chilllllllll.
30, Share the love – because the people closest to you are there for a reason.

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