8 Ways to Use New Technology to Green Your Daily Commute

If you drive more than a few miles to work every day and you’re environmentally conscious, or just appreciate the value of conserving resources (like your own time and money!), check out developments in the green movement to make your daily drive more energy-efficient.

Tyres That Save Miles

Did you know that a new car from the manufacturer is fitted with low-rolling resistance tyres? These tires create less resistance when rolling, and thus cause a car to be more fuel efficient than standard replacement tyres sold to consumers.

Bridgestone Tyres offers a low-rolling resistance tyre called Ecopia. Michelin offers Energy Saver and HydroEdge Green X. Goodyear sells the Assurance Fuel Max tyre as well as the Integrity.

Low resistance tyres do have a drawback. Due to a low-profile tread, they may wear out quickly, and they handle poorly in rain and other weather conditions.

Window Tint Technology

Tint on car windows blocks the sun and helps prevent your interior from heating. This saves on your air conditioning and energy needs. 3M Crystalline Automotive Film is a breakthrough multi-layer film that delivers all the desired heat rejection in a clear film so you don’t compromise on energy efficiency or aesthetics.

Cut Down Drive Days

You’re chained to your desk no longer, thanks to technology. Electronic mail, electronic fax, and handheld and portable computers offer freedom to make any space a work space. Arrange to spend a day or two working away from the office each week, and you’ll shed miles from your odometer.

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Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

An app for the web and iPhones called Commute Greener calculates your carbon footprint. Choose your mode of transportation and route so you can fine-tune your footprint. Then plan your carbon output, tracking its growth throughout the week. You can thank Volvo for the app.

Reduce Your Route

Be sure you’re taking the right route with mobile apps that calculate the best route based on the stops you input. Check out Best Route for devices running Android, and Route 4 Me for iOS devices.

Smartphone Smart Driving Advice

If you have a smart phone, download one of the many apps that monitor your speed, acceleration and braking to give you recommendations about modifying the factors to improve fuel efficiency.

Hybrid or Electric Car Ownership

Electric cars have come far, and a new generation of them are on the dealers’ lots this year. Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, and a sexy lineup from Tesla round out the fully electric vehicles. Hybrids highlight nearly every car maker’s line, from the ubiquitous Toyota Prius to luxury autos including BMW and Cadillac.


You have a lot of choices to get up and go with green tech on the road. With all the ways to green your ride, you can find price points and environmental impacts to fit your lifestyle.
Adapted Source: Jeremy Higgens - Metrofax

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