The best ways to service and maintain your car

A study has shown that Brits are spending over 8,000 hours of their life (8,084 hours to be exact) commuting. Doing the math on that: that’s 337 days – nearly an entire year. With that amount of time spent in your car, all the more reason to ensure your car is well-maintained and serviced to reduce more unnecessary time stuck in your car, worse than commuting, waiting for your breakdown service to save the day.


The Sainbury’s Bank Money Matters Team have put together this nifty Guide to servicing and maintain your car to ensure that your car stays in tip-top condition. Advice includes checking your car’s oil level every two weeks and before long trips and ensuring that your car’s tyre tread is at least 1.6mm deep (this is a legal requirement).

In the event that you do break down, it’s a good idea to have the following packed in your car:

  • The contact information and policy number of your breakdown cover;
  • An emergency breakdown kit – these can be picked up online, a petrol station or auto shop. They often include some of the following:

A torch
A reflective warning triangle
A hi-vis vest
Tow rope
Foot pump

  • Portable phone charger;
  • A bottle of water and non-perishable snack.

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Stay safe on the roads and Happy Sharing!

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Author Laura Watling


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