Car sharing just got easier with Liftshare alerts

Liftshare is going through some big changes and introducing lots of new tech to help you arrange, find and carry out lifts in a smooth and convenient manner. We recently announced the addition of our new and improved online booking and payment service, and today we are happy to reveal our all-new alert system.

create alert pageMembers looking for lifts can now set alerts based on any departure point, destination and dates – so that whenever a suitable lift appears they will receive an email with all the necessary details. We’re committed to make Liftshare as ‘clever’ as possible and this is certainly a big step towards making sure you never miss a lift again.

This feature is particularly useful for those who have searched for a lift but can’t find one that’s quite right. Alert searches can be made at any time, so if you’re planning on going to this year’s Glastonbury Festival (June 24-28), you can set an alert now and start receiving potential matches once our members start posting them.

liftshare-car-share-alertTo create an alert, simply use the ‘Ask for a Lift’ button at the top of our search results page, or from the ‘journey alerts’ section in your account menu. They ensure that lifts being offered by drivers will be fully promoted, as all members subscribed to your route will be notified  of your offer, which makes it much easier to find passengers.

We hope you enjoy our expanding set of site features and that they help you find a lift or passenger with greater ease.

Stay tuned for more big developments from the Liftshare team!




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