Good news for young drivers and passengers?

I’m a new young driver myself, and I’m always looking for ways to reduce the cost of driving.

Working for Liftshare, I know that the typical car-sharer on the network saves nearly £1,000 a year – something I’ve been taking full advantage of myself.

Well, rumour has it we could be in for another treat! The government are discussing ways to reduce our insurance costs – which sounds great, but what could this actually mean?

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One option under consideration is to ban new drivers from carrying passengers for the first year (apart from close family members and lifts to work or school). I’m worried about how this could affect other young car-sharers. If this is going to cause us problems – I want to make sure the government know about it!

Feel the same? You can make a difference!

In a survey by the Association of British Insurers, “71% supported restricting the number of young passengers that newly qualified young drivers are allowed to carry”. We’d love to know what YOU think!

Whether you drive now, plan on driving soon, are a seasoned pro, or just know someone who might be interested. It will only take three minutes to fill in this simple survey.

We’d like to send our findings to decision makers and the media, so please do complete the survey by March 20th to make sure your opinions are counted.

Anyone can take part, so please share this post with friends or family too.

Happy sharing!

Matt Wrigglesworth
Liftshare Member Support

Check out the resources below for more information

Interview with Patrick McGloughlin (Secretary of State for Transport at the DfT)

Association of British Insurers Campaign for Safe Young Drivers

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