How a Guaranteed Ride Home boosts car-sharing at Tesco

The challenge at Tesco’s newly formed head office at Welwyn Garden City, with some 4,500 employees, was to reduce the number of cars coming on to site.

Already an existing Liftshare client since 2005, Tesco needed to create a new marketing stance with a range of incentives,that would overcome the historical use of promoting the scheme via just the use of internal noticeboards.

The new site offers free parking and good transport links, including a shuttle bus, so in order for the staff to see the benefits of car-sharing, dedicated spaces for car-share users were introduced and the offer of a Guaranteed Ride Home initiative implemented.

Using Liftshare’s 17 years experience and expertise of behaviour change, informative messages were sent from team leaders to staff via emails on a regular basis, and a dedicated contact was assigned on site to assist employees.

Once the above were in place staff were then encouraged to try car-sharing once to see, first hand the many associated benefits.

Currently the scheme has 1,700 registered members, 75% of journeys have been successfully matched, and 40% have confirmed they are sharing.

The best thing about Liftshare is the support

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Author Jonathan Scutt


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