Introducing the new Liftshare Companion app

Today we’re launching the new Liftshare Companion app, which replaces the previous Liftshare app.

Download it now from the App Store and Google Play Store!

We’ve taken the chance to focus on what really matters. We’ve learnt that our app no longer needs to do everything, particularly as our site has improved hugely since the launch of our first app.

Messaging was identified as the most valuable service from the existing app, and the most used. Users have told us that it was too easy to miss emails we sent them in amongst their busy inboxes, so they’d prefer push notifications and an instant messaging system.

Indeed, ‘conversational commerce’ is a growing trend, with consumers increasingly liking to talk through their buying decisions before they commit. Here at Liftshare we’re no different, and we even go one step further – encouraging people to message and get to know each other before they agree to share a journey. Messaging in general is the most popular function of smartphones now, with applications like Whatsapp facilitating 30 billion messages every day. Calling is often no longer what phones are for!

The Liftshare Companion app offers an instant messaging system for members, as well as an easy way to request and confirm your shared trip, both as a driver or as a passenger. This ‘minimalistic’ approach allows us to start simple, offering exactly what members and clients have asked for, and then add in additional functionality as updates are released. This is a ‘Companion’ app because is not meant to have all the features available on the website, but to help members once they’ve found a match.

You can download the Liftshare Companion app now from the App Store and Google Play Store. 

Author Lex Barber


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