Is a car-share scheme the right thing for your organisation?

Whilst most organisations can introduce a car-sharing scheme, at Liftshare we’ve learnt over the years that there’s certain triggers that help car-sharing really work.

If you experience any of the following, we’d definitely recommend considering a dedicated scheme for your organisation:

  • Significant numbers of staff currently driving to work and a workforce of over 400 at a single site
  • Lack of sufficient on site parking
  • Implementation of a parking levy in the local area
  • The potential of additional income from spaces currently used by staff if they were made available
  • Local traffic congestion
  • Recruitment and retention difficulties
  • Employee complaints about the cost and time of their commute
  • Poor local transport options to the office location
  • A need to relocate or expand – particularly if you are faced with planning conditions that limit your parking availability


And if some of the above ring true, the final piece of the puzzle to implementing a scheme that works is securing support from senior management – without this establishing a successful car sharing scheme can be an uphill struggle.

Author Jonathan Scutt


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