Is match day travel good enough for Preston North End fans?

Liftshare and the Football League recently signed a nationwide deal to bring cheaper match day travel to fans of all 72 clubs, and Preston North End is one of the teams officially involved.

Together with the FL, we’ve set up Get to the Game, a new travel tool for fans of all clubs who want to find out the most convenient travel options for every fixture throughout season 15/16. Using the site, supporters can check out travel options and if they’re driving, quickly offer their spare car seats to other fans for petrol money.

Not only does this make driving to home and away games cheaper, fans without a car can travel for less than bus and train to every game this season. So if you want to be quids-in and have more cash to spend at games or after matches, then you should give Get to the Game and Liftshare a try.

You can start by checking out over 300 lifts offered via Preston on Liftshare right now. One glance will show that our member prices are far cheaper than rail or coach.

What do the fans say?

We spoke with some die hard Preston North End fans to get their opinion on match day travel options available to them right now, and to learn more about what it’s like to follow the club around to games each season.

First, we spoke with Shaun Brown of newly re-launchedfan site Preston North End Fan Group, which is a one-stop resource for supporters – providing match analysis, breaking news, rumours and a place for fans to discuss their favourite club.

He tells us, “Now Preston North End have returned to the Championship, crowds will expand and so will the volume of traffic all needing somewhere to park. Coaches and rail can be expensive for away games and finding a car parking space is at a premium, not to mention coach space.

“Coaches can prove to be uncomfortable and train fares expensive. We have a great away following and I would hate to see it dwindle due to travel fares. Liftshare would help getting more fans to away games to support the team. Liftshare promotes the idea of supporters getting together and helping each other out. This is what PNE supporters are all about.

“Liftshare would make it cheaper and easier for the fan to get to games they otherwise not be able to get to. It would prove cheaper all round for all supporters. We will definitely be using and promoting this great idea on all our outlets.”

We then spoke with prominent Facebook group Preston North End Fans Forum, whose spokesperson told us, “Car parks around the ground are always packed and Deepdale Road does get busy on match day. If there was no coaches set up by the club it would cost a fortune on the train to get to away games, and I find trains can get expensive as we only have the odd teams that are local.

“I think it’s a great idea to make it easier and cheaper for our fans to get to games as there’s some of our fans that live outside Preston and can’t always access the fan coaches.”

Liftshare’s community has saved over £60 million on travel costs since the site launched in 1998, and we’re helping more football fans, commuters, uni students, families and more get access to cheaper travel.

If you’re fed up of spending too much on transport, you can fix that by signing up to Liftshare for free today – or use our ‘Offer a Lift’ tool to see how much you can make back on your fuel bill.

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