IT’s time to celebrate and step away from the desk!

It’s not often we see the faces of our IT team out in public, they’re usually hidden behind an array of monitors beavering away on delivering gems of innovation and creating a system that’s seamless for members, but last week they were given cause to step away from their desks and celebrate…

Voted the winners of the EDPs Business Awards for Outstanding IT Initiative, Liftshare are proud of the team –from our humble beginnings with a university notice board covered in Post-it notes through to harnessing and manipulating geospatial and transit data to become the UK’s largest car-sharing network, Liftshare would simply not exist today without innovative IT. The boys (and girls) did good!

EDP Business Awards

And just because we’ve won it doesn’t mean we’ll start living the celebrity lifestyle and buying the latest sports cars – they’re not exactly ideal for sharing! No, we’re still the same old crew, dedicated to ensuring everyone has someone to share a car with and continuing to innovate.

More than 300 firms entered this year’s awards – a record number –with 36 finalists competing to win 12 categories, so we’re proud as punch to take one of the big trophies (and it is big!) home!

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