Liftshare x Esso – Get Nectar points for using Liftshare  

Liftshare x Esso Thoughtful Driving

The first in a series of bonus Nectar points for Liftshare members has gone live, as part of Liftshare x Esso Thoughtful Driving.

In the Commuter Census 2023, 47% of Liftshare members answered that monetary rewards and vouchers would most encourage them to use a more sustainable mode of travel.

You asked, we listened! We’re pleased to announce that Liftshare members new and existing are now being rewarded with a series of bonus Nectar points through the Esso Thoughtful Driving initiative. Simply sign-up to Liftshare or login to your account to receive your first Nectar code – 500 Nectar points (worth at least £2.50) on your next purchase at participating Esso service stations. 


What is Esso Thoughtful Driving?

Liftshare is teaming up with Esso as part of their Thoughtful Driving initiative. In particular, helping people find ways to take fewer car journeys, which saves you money on fuel and reduces emissions from driving. We know from Liftshare member feedback surveys, you consistently cite saving money on fuel as one of the top three reasons for using the platform, making it a perfect synergy.

Whatever your reason for wanting to use less fuel – from saving money to reducing the impact of your driving – Esso wants to help. Esso also understands that not everyone has the same options when it comes to making changes, which is why they’ve broken it down into three simple ways to help drivers today. The Esso Thoughtful Driving website provides information on how to fill up with less impact, drive more economically and make one less car journey; and you can sign-up to Esso Thoughtful Driving emails to get the latest tips.

Not what you were expecting to hear from a fuel company? Well, Esso thinks it’s time that changed. And together, Liftshare and Esso want to get even more people and businesses to make a journey differently.

We recognise that not everyone who uses Liftshare drives – in fact that number is increasing. That’s why we want to reward both drivers and passengers for using Liftshare.


Liftshare members get bonus Nectar points

As part of Liftshare x Esso, existing and new Liftshare members* will get 500 bonus Nectar points on your next purchase at participating Esso service stations – fuel or shop. So, as well as cutting your travel costs by sharing, you’ll get more offers for being a Liftshare member. 

Sign-up to Liftshare or login to your account to claim the Nectar points. And if you’re already a member, make sure you’re subscribed to Liftshare Community Update emails to hear first about future Nectar offers.


Read more about How to claim your bonus Nectar points.

Find out more about Esso’s Thoughtful Driving initiative and sign-up to Esso Thoughtful Driving emails to get the latest tips on driving economically and with less impact.


* This offer is currently only available for members of the public using Liftshare. Liftshare for Work private community members cannot claim Liftshare x Esso Nectar points, but we will be reviewing this regularly. 

Author Amy Young


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