Did you see Liftshare on the BBC? Liftshare in the press – July 2023

BBC One Morning Live Liftshare coverage

This July, Liftshare has been on Newstalk Radio in Ireland, in a Mail on Sunday article on sharing lifts to events, and a 7-minute BBC feature on lift-sharing.

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Why Liftshare? BBC 1 Morning Live Investigates

Shown on BBC One’s Morning Live programme on 13th July, presenter OJ Borg spoke to Liftshare’s Graeme Banister about our plans for the future, and interviewed Liftshare members.

OJ chatted with regular lift-sharer, Sarah, about how she finds sharing, and took a ride with first-time lift-sharer Nikki in Manchester. The conclusion of the piece was: “Maybe we all should ride together a bit more”.

Watch the BBC feature here:


Give your festival a lift – says the Mail on Sunday

The Mail on Sunday article ‘How to give your festival a lift and save money’ focused on lift-sharing for events. They interviewed Liftshare member, Sarah Whelehan, who is a primary school teacher from Dublin and uses Liftshare to save money on summer events.

Plus, she’s found people to share her 35-mile commute from Navan to Dublin through Liftshare, saving around €25 (£21) a week in petrol.

Liftshare Mail on Sunday press cutting
Liftshare Mail on Sunday press cutting

Newstalk radio survey – 1 in 4 people in Ireland lift-share

Newstalk spoke to our community manager, Amy Young, to discuss the different reasons that people lift-share, after their survey found that 1 in 4 people in Ireland are lift-sharing.

Listen to the feature here:


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