New Liftshare Features: Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) 

ULEZ logo

For anyone who lift-shares in and around London, we’ve added some handy new features to highlight the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) on the map and display ULEZ-compliant vehicles. This lets you know whether you should contribute towards the ULEZ charge to the driver.  

You might already be familiar with the green ULEZ signs on London roads. The Ultra Low Emission Zone was introduced by Transport for London to clean up London’s air, by charging those with more polluting vehicles who drive within the area.  

Update your journey in London to see the following changes in action. 


ULEZ map live on Liftshare 

When you add a Liftshare journey in London, we now display the ULEZ boundary on the Liftshare map in green. This makes it easier to know whether the £12.50 charge for driving in the ULEZ might apply. And, if so, you may be able to adjust your route to avoid travelling through the zone and being charged.  

Adjust your route around ULEZ zone

The ULEZ will be expanding across all London boroughs from 29 August 2023, and we’ve incorporated this change on the map in advance. We’ll keep our map updated as and when there are further changes to the zone. 


Mark your ULEZ-compliant vehicle 

As some low-emission vehicles are exempt from the ULEZ charge, we also wanted to highlight this to Liftshare members. When adding a journey within the ULEZ, you can now select if your vehicle is ULEZ-Compliant. Enter your journey, and if the journey starts, intercepts or ends within the ULEZ, the following ‘ULEZ Detected’ box will appear: 

ULEZ detected - Add your journey map


If you know your vehicle is exempt from charges, you can tick the box to mark your vehicle as ULEZ-compliant. A ULEZ-Compliant logo will then appear with your details in journey results, to let others know you don’t pay the charge for your vehicle.  

ULEZ-compliant logo


You can check whether your vehicle is ULEZ-compliant on the TfL site. Fill in your vehicle registration and it will tell you if your vehicle meets the emissions and safety standards required to drive in London, or if you need to pay a daily charge. 

Update your journey in Liftshare to mark your vehicle as ULEZ-compliant, or find someone to share with who’s ULEZ-compliant.  

Interested in saving money when sharing in London and beyond? Check out the Liftshare Savings Calculator. 


Author Amy Young


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