Liftsharing can HALVE the cost of your train commute

We’re big fans of the train, because we’re all about sustainable travel. But rail strikes, fare hikes, overcrowded carriages and cancelled services can challenge even our love for them sometimes.

So we weren’t too shocked to learn that just 23 percent of passengers now trust train travel companies. Meanwhile, rail fares are predicted to rise by 3.2% in January 2019 – that’s hot on the heels of this year’s 3.6% rise (the biggest in five years).


If you’re really feeling the pinch from your train commute, or you’re just tired of the punctuality and reliability issues, now might be the ideal time to compare train and Liftshare costs for your commute! You can use our Savings Calculator to check how much your journey would cost if you liftshared with just one other person.

We also thought it’d be interesting to compare the train vs Liftshare on a few popular routes:


Commute journey Monthly season ticket on train* Liftshare

(21 days)

Monthly saving
Birmingham to London £553.00 £373.80 £179.20
Grantham to Peterborough £232.40 £109.20 £123.20
Cambridge to King’s Cross £604.80 £184.80 £420.00
Stockport to Manchester £194.40 £109.20 £85.20
Reading to London £428.60 £126.00 £302.60
Motherwell to Edinburgh £172.80 £117.60 £55.20
Abergavenny to Cardiff £236.60 £100.80 £135.80
Oxford to Swindon £312.60 £92.40 £220.20

* season ticket costs taken from National Rail Enquiries Season Ticket Calculator

And that’s all before 2019’s rail fare increases of 3.2%!

Being hit hard by the increase will be the Swindon to Paddington line, with the cost being set to rise by £280, taking the cost of a season ticket to £9080 a year! Our savings calculator predicts taking that cost down dramatically to £2738 a year, just by sharing a car with one  other person!

savings pad swin


The first step is just to give it a try. As Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “It is common sense to take a method and try it”. Simply add your journey to or your organisation’s Liftshare community and see who else is going your way. Then you can contact your best match (or matches) and suggest giving it a go!

Some of our members have made friends for life!


Agnieszka in Letchworth gave up the train due to costs and reliability issues, and found two others to share her long commute with on “We were able to comfortably reduce the number of cars in our household from two to just one, thanks to Liftshare, and we save up to £2,500 per year! It’s brilliant, I love it, I talk to everyone I can about it.”

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