‘Liftsharing is the nicest way I’ve ever saved money’

Happy Friday to all you sharing, caring people out there! We’re back with another case study interview with real members of our growing community. Liftshare loves hearing from its members about great road trip experiences, times car sharing helped get you out of a jam, or simple tales of saving money and meeting amazing new people on the road.

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Today we hear from car sharer Rob Scott, who has had some truly excellent times on the road with his fellow sharers, as they all like to come up with great ideas to stop their trips from ever getting boring.

“We come up with little games to keep ourselves amused,” he admits. “For a while, one of us would bring biscuits into the car a couple of times a week, and we’d taste them and give our opinions. It was like a biscuit club. We must have tried about 45 different packets over a couple of months. It was a blissful period, but ultimately detrimental to our waistlines.”

If you’ve always assumed that car-sharing is only for one-off trips, these guys will hopefully make you think again. Rob joined Liftshare.com in 2008 when he started commuting between Manchester and Liverpool– he immediately found two others going his way, and that group has grown and developed ever since.

“Money was definitely the motivation at the start, but this has to be the nicest way I’ve ever saved,” he says. “And because we talk about what’s gone on at work, I don’t need to de-stress when I get home to my partner and little boy; I can just get straight into enjoying my time off with them.”

Rob and his sharers also have Christmas parties in the car. “Somebody will bring crackers, another will have brought ginger beer, we’ll have mince pies and a CD of Christmas music!” In fact, over the years they have all become such good friends that when one of them gets married next month, they’ll all be guests at the wedding.

A commuter who car-shares with just one other person typically saves about £1,000 a year. If you’re driving to work every day, just add your journey to Liftshare.com – your commute will be much more fun and affordable. The Liftshare calendar allows you to specify any days you won’t be travelling, such as holidays, work trips, or when you’re working from home because the washing machine repair man is coming…

Thanks Rob. We’ll have more tales from the Liftshare community soon. Stay tuned!

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