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If love isn’t in the air this Valentine’s Day, it could be because cupid is car-sharing. The UK’s leading car-sharing community Liftshare says it frequently hears from members who have found love in the fast lane. Some have even got hitched to the person they met through Liftshare.

With over 600,000 people having registered on the site, Liftshare is the UK’s largest unknown dating site!

love in the car

What’s more, a survey carried out by Liftshare reveals that partners top the charts as the ideal regular car companion.

24/7 just isn’t enough!

34% of people said that they would like to share their journey to work every day with their partner even though they spend the majority of their free time with them and rarely caught up with friends.

But a revealing 1 in 25 of those surveyed said their partner would be their last choice, below their boss, their mother-in-law, neighbour or a complete stranger!

Vijay from Dunstable is one half of a cosy-couple who found love through Liftshare : “You provide an amazing service. Last year, I signed up to see if I could be a bit more green and cut down on petrol consumption by car-sharing. I met a wonderful car-sharer, we had the most incredible fun sharing our journeys – now we are dating :)) And that’s all down to Liftshare.”


Survey Results

Top 5 most desirable people to car share with:

1. Partner – 34%

2. Best Friend – 29%

3. A work colleague – 10%

4. Own pet – 10%

5. Mother – 5%

5 least desirable people to car share with:

1. The head of the company you work for – 26%

2. Immediate boss – 18%

3. Neighbour – 12%

4. Partner’s mother – 11%

5. Own mother – 7%

Survey carried out Redshift Research based on 2,000 respondents (51% female / 49% male)


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