Introducing the new Liftshare App

Liftshare have been working on some big improvements to the Liftshare Companion App.


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We’ve made the app faster and more responsive for our users, and improved the user experience of moving between functions.

We’ve also added some extra functionality for our members who use Trip Authentication.

The communication system and push notifications for new messages and community alerts allows real time information to be sent through and received. This means members can make arrangements before they commute.

So, what’s new?

The home screen is much cleaner and gives members quick access to messages, authentications, adding a journey, pending requests, account information and FAQ’s.

Trip Authentication is a tool that Liftshare clients can turn on for their employees so they can use it as part of the app.

When enabled, the app now shows members the savings they are making from authenticating their shared trips.

The ability to authenticate trips is still available using the new app, and in addition, members can see who they have authenticated with, when and what time. This is to help the management of the Smart Parking functionality we have for Liftshare clients to better manage their car parks.

From the home screen, members can select “Requests” where they can view any pending requests they may have waiting for them.

Once a request is formed, members are in a ‘Liftshare team’ where their savings are collected and contributed to their scheme’s success.

We hope our members are as pleased as us with the new Liftshare App, and hope that they find the user experience much better!


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Author Sarah Roberts


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