Over 80 per cent of non-walking trips in Britain are now by car!

As a nation we have come to rely on the car for mobility.  The most popular journey purpose is shopping, whether to the corner shop to buy the newspapers, the weekly trip by car to the supermarket or the expedition to a shopping centre for less frequent purchases.  After shopping comes, in descending order, commuting to work, visiting friends, travelling to college, personal business, and escorting others e.g. Liftsharing.

Cars will always be popular, but car-sharing is worth encouraging in preference to individuals owning their own car, given that private cars are parked for 95 per cent of the time and that people who share cars drive substantially less than those who own cars.

Considerations should be made to nudge people out of their cars – more exercise to counter obesity, less congestion and lower carbon emissions. This is particularly relevant for suburban living, where the facilities we need to reach are not so close that we naturally walk, nor so far that the car, if we have one, need to be the inevitable option. myPTP, our unique personal travel planning tool can be used to raise awareness of alternative modes of transport.

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Author Jonathan Scutt


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