Rugby talk made the London-Bristol drive more fun! Meet liftsharer Roger

The road between London and Bristol is a costly one – especially if you drive it every week. But it’s a popular route and Liftshare members like Roger Burrows may well have the solution if you also travel that way.

After leaving the Army, Roger became a recruitment consultant in London – travelling home to his family at weekends. “My weekly commute from London to Wales gets very expensive,” he tells us. “A friend told me about, so I signed up and added my journey. I immediately had lots of people asking for a lift, as I could drop off in Bristol too.

“In the end I gave a lift to a couple of really nice guys – a student and a policeman. I’m an outdoors guy, into surfing, skating and rugby, so we chatted all the way about the rugby world cup. I took a bit of a detour to get one guy home, but we’d had a great trip and I was very happy to do that.

“I wasn’t worried about giving them a lift, but I gave them both a call beforehand just to introduce myself – I think that gives added confidence both to the driver and the passenger. Even if they hadn’t been chatty, I’d have given them a lift to save a bit on fuel. They basically paid half my journey costs, which was great.”

Roger chose to make his journey payable online, rather than in cash. He explained: “I feel uncomfortable having to ask for money, so I loved not having to exchange cash by hand.”

After the success of his first Liftshare experience, Roger has registered his trip as a ‘regular’ journey, so he can offer other members a lift every week. “I have a jeep so I’m happy to take dogs and kids too – just not smokers! If no one asks for a lift one week, I’ll just get the train.  I drive from Battersea to Chepstow in Monmouthshire; if anyone just wants to go to Bristol I can drop them at the university on Junction 19 before I get to the Bridge.”

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