Sat-navs and mobile apps ‘threaten map-reading skills’

Map-reading skills are under threat because of a growing reliance on smartphones and sat-navs, experts say.

The Royal Institute of Navigation (RIN) said increasing dependence on technology means people are losing the ability to find their way by traditional methods.

More than one in eight of the population now has a smartphone or sat-nav device which can deliver extraordinarily detailed knowledge of where we are – and how to get where we want to be.

This almost ever-present and powerful tool has meant many people no longer need to get to grips with a map in their daily lives.

Some would greet this as a blessed relief – bringing freedom from flappy paper, navigation anxiety and marital trauma.

Here at Liftshare we are more than happy for your car-sharers to assist you by using a map for your commute.  However, our unique personal travel planning tool myPTP can provide you with a detailed plan prior to your journey, whether walking, cycling, car-sharing or using public transport.

And if all else fails keep your eyes peeled for our new business app coming SOON!

For more information on car-sharing and setting up a scheme for your workplace, contact us.

Author Jonathan Scutt


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