The 10 most iconic liftshares ever, ranked

Car sharing has gone mainstream, with videos springing up online of celebrity matches and friendly singalongs. There’s been loads of great driving duos on this blog through the years, but who’s our favourite? Read on the for our top 10, ranked.

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10. Queen Elizabeth and the Middletons

The Queen drives the Middletons. Credit: Peter Jolly Northpix

Perhaps it’s the shock factor of this driver and seeing her not in a suit and hat waving in a crowd, but the Queen driving the Middletons to a picnic is one of our favourites!

Driving a Princess and family around the Balmoral estate is no biggie for the Queen, who clearly has royalty in her car often.

Be mindful of your manners when booking a lift in Scotland with a ‘Liz’ with no profile pic… who knows who may be behind the wheel?

9 Rob and the Biscuit Club

It’s great to hear sharing stories with a difference from our members, and Rob’s really takes the biscuit.

Rob and his liftsharers tasted 45 different varieties of biscuits over a two month period to keep themselves entertained on their commute; including giving reviews on them! He emailed us to say that “it was a blissful period of sharing, but ultimately derimental to our waistlines!”. They later went on to host an in-car Christmas party and have even attended each other’s weddings! Rob explains “Money was definitely the motivation at the start, but this has to be the nicest way I’ve ever saved. And because we talk about what’s gone on at work, I don’t need to de-stress when I get home to my partner and little boy; I can just get straight into enjoying my time off with them”. Lovely!

8 Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Conner

Proving that even the most unlikely of friendships can blossom when you share travel, ex-convict street racer Dom and undercover LAPD agent Brian drive a little faster than we’d normally advise for Liftshare members, but often share advice, stories and even wisdom when behind the wheel.

The pair are no longer sharing following Brian’s departure at the end of the seventh Fast & Furious film, but we’re sure both will go on to find new matches for their future journeys.

7 Beyonce and Lady Gaga

It’s not every day you’ll hop into a car to find your sharer wearing a telephone on their head. But when it’s Lady Gaga, that’s probably a welcome basic accessory.

On this occasion we’ll forget that they’re on the run and have just committed murder, on account that the music video for Telephone has received critical acclaim and certainly given us an ear-worm that just won’t budge.

NB: Please don’t actually do this and then liftshare. We don’t have the moves Bey does.

6 Norman and colleagues

One of our biggest sharing savers, Liftshare member Norman now saves £3,000 a year by sharing his trips to work!

He explains just how he’s managed such a large saving, saying “My car share team has been ploughing the same furrow every day for years, oblivious to the existence of another carpool doing a very similar journey. But my group was losing numbers. One of the guys got a new job closer to home and another retired, which left just two of us, and the carpool’s efficiency started to fall. We could have stuck as a pair, but we decided to look for new Liftshare matches. We soon made contact with another long-established carpool that had very similar start and finish times to us. The merged pool now has seven members – enough to guarantee that at least one car-full can be assembled every day, minimising costs, carbon and congestion. Some of the members work part-time or are away on business but on the rare days that more than five seats are needed, two cars can soon be mustered.”

So there you go – spreading the sharing and spreading the savings! Great results all around.

Rob and his sharers have an in-car Christmas party!
Rob and his sharers have an in-car Christmas party!

5 Batman and Robin

Appearing in comics, a TV series, and films, Batman and Robin are inseparable with their sharing, and are pretty fussy about the vehicle they use too. Their Liftshare requirements don’t allow for much luggage or any pets, but does include some fighting spirit and motivational speaking.

4 Thelma and Louise

Not an entirely happy story, but an iconic one, and picking up passengers on the way, Thelma and Louise are one of the most famous driving duos of all time. We’d have recommended they read our trust and safety advice before getting in the car, though…

3 Tim and his liftsharing friends

It was back in 2014 that we covered the story of Liftshare member Tim, who has his driving licence revoked after a diagnosis of epilepsy that required him to go a full 12 months without a seizure. Not wanting to have to give up work, he started cycling his commute, but it extended his travel time by 80 minutes a day; definitely more than ideal.

Instead he registered with Liftshare, and started sharing his commute with two other members. “I met two chaps to share with.”, he says: “The one who was on Liftshare and then his pal who shared the journey with him. They’re actually half my age but they’ve really helped me, so I’ve tried to always be on time and we get on very well.”

2 James Corden and Adele

A 15 minute commute, watched over 146,000,00 times (!), Adele joining James for his drive to work is the most popular Carpool Karaoke video ever. Cruising the streets of rainy London singing along to some of the world’s most famous songs, drinking tea, having a bit of a gossip and laughing out loud at silly stories – what more could you want from a Liftshare?

John and Kayleigh strike a post for the BBC's Car Share. Credit: BBC
John and Kayleigh strike a post for the BBC’s Car Share. Credit: BBC

1 John and Kayleigh 

Fan favourites John and Kayleigh had the whole nation laughing and won an National Television Award and a BAFTA – which is, granted, not something most liftsharers manage to achieve!

Set to a soundtrack of the fictional Forever FM radio station, the BBC series follows supermarket workers John Redmond and Kayleigh Kitson who start to liftshare as a result of their employer’s new sharing scheme (wonder where they took the inspiration for that, eh? We have some ideas…). The pair become firm friends and due to popular demand, will be returning to screens this May.

Do you want to see more of these friendships in your business? Or perhaps you’d like to give it a go yourself and share a trip? Head to for more info now!


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