Train strike: Liftshare ready to help commuters beat tube and rail delays

As if the London underground strikes weren’t problem enough for commuters in the capital, members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union at First Great Western trains have announced a 48-hour strike starting at 18:30 today.

This double-blow to both London tube and First Great Western rail services will leave many commuters and workers left without suitable transport options. This new industrial action was triggered by the RMT over job disputes and the ongoing maintenance of Hitachi trains.

Routes between London, Wales and the West Country are expected to be hit hardest. While it has been reported that Uber drivers have been tripling their prices to cash-in on the strikes, Liftshare rates will never change to take advantage of delays, so you can expect affordable travel with us whatever the situation.

Speaking with, FGW spokesperson James Davis said of the action, “It’s impossible to say just how many customers will be impacted by the strikes.”

Liftshare is on-hand to help any commuter or driver concerned about delays, gridlock, cancellations or other disruptions to their regular travel plans, cause by both the tube and rail strikes.

Those with cars can offer their spare seats to our community of 450,000 members in exchange for a fair split of the journey’s total petrol cost. Simply head over to our smart ‘Offer a Lift’ tool to see how much you can save by offering lifts to others in need. Our members save up to £2,000 a year by offering seats during their daily commute, so it’s worth seeing how much you could save on your vehicle’s outgoings.

If you don’t have access to a car, you can search for lifts available in your local area using our smart system. You can set your departure time, destination and more, then simply chat drivers securely using our messaging tool to confirm your trip. Upon arrival you can pay securely using the one-tap, cashless function of our free iOS and Android apps.

Pre-booking car shares with Liftshare can help anyone get around train and tube strikes. It pays to have a look at what’s on offer in your area in advance of industrial action, and in the end you will pay less than train fares, and get dropped off right at the place you need to be.

For more information on Liftshare safety, insurance and tools, please consult our handy FAQ guide.

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