WARNING – Rail fares set to hike AGAIN!

Millions of rail commuters will feel the sting in their wallet from January 2014 when they buy a train ticket.

Fares are set to rise by 4.1% in the new year, but with train operators allowed to raise fares by an additional 5%, some commuters could see a 9.1% price rise on their tickets next year – resulting in some of the most expensive train journeys in Europe.

Whilst train travel is a good sustainable alternative to driving, how many of us can continue to ignore the increasing pressure on the pennies?!

It might be time to look for another solution and we think car-sharing is just the ticket you are looking for…

We’ve done a few quick calculations to demonstrate the savings you could make car-sharing instead of using the train.

12 month season ticket cost (£)
Brighton to Croydon Bristol to Reading
Rail (current prices) £2,588.00  £8,080.00
Rail (new prices)*** £2,694.11  £8,411.28
If c/s with two people* £1,682.00  £3,028.00
One-off cost (£)
Brighton to Croydon Bristol to Reading
Rail (current prices)** £13.90  £ 42.50
Rail (new prices)*** £14.47  £ 44.24
If c/s with two people* £6.93  £12.57
*In a medium sized diesel car
**Off peak return
***Average of 4.1% increase

And whilst many believe you need a car to car-share – it’s not true!

Many Liftshare.com members are happy to give lifts in exchange for a contribution to fuel costs. Simply sign up, register your journey, state whether you are seeking a lift or giving a lift, and run the search. 83% of people will find a match and you could more than half the cost of your journey!

So why not give it a go, what have you got to lose?

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