We’ve got the key to putting pennies back in your pocket!  

“If only there were a way to make your commute quicker, cheaper – and perhaps even a little more fun, too?” says Inchcape, in their recent report. Both Inchcape and Liftshare know there is one simple answer – car sharing. And with 18.6 million drivers in the UK commuting alone, there is certainly potential to share.

The report and research by Inchcape indicates that single occupancy vehicle travel to work costs a person £38.72 a week – that’s a whopping £2013.44 a year! On the flip side, those who share regular journeys through Liftshare can SAVE over £1000 a year on average!

Research shows that the cost of commuting varies across the UK: Belfast came out most expensive, with people coughing up £60.50 a week. If you live in Glasgow, you’ll have more spending money, with commuters paying 58% less than their Belfast counterparts at £25.42 a week. Inchcape investigated many more areas across the UK and discussed the benefits of car sharing, along with breaking down how much you can save based on where you’re commuting. Take a look at their table of savings across the UK here.

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With an annual estimated saving of £1000, you can save yourself £250 every 3 months by liftsharing! That means between now and the end of September you have the opportunity to save £250 – all you need to do to be in with a chance of putting the pennies back in your pocket is give Liftshare a go.

All you need to do:

  1. Sign up to Liftshare.com or your organisations community.
  2. Add your journey and find a match
  3. Make arrangements through our messaging system, confirm your shared journey, and start sharing!

To maximise your savings, share a regular journey such as your commute.

Whether you want to put the extra money towards a holiday, home improvements or perhaps a big summer bbq, we’d love to hear where the money will go! Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

Author Laura Watling


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