Why Liftshare’s new duplicate journey feature makes sharing travel easier

Liftshare’s suite of tools keeps getting bigger all the time, following the launch of our free iOS and Android apps, our new member rating system and much more.

Today we unveil yet another new feature for our members to enjoy, which is incredibly useful for drivers posting recurring trips.

If a driver posts a one-off journey on Liftshare, they can simply hit the ‘Duplicate Journey’ option to the right of their lift to create a new listing with the same start and end points. All the driver has to do is enter the date and time of their duplicate journey and post it for non-drivers to see.


We have also included smart notifications which will alert drivers when their one-off journey has expired, while giving them the option to create a duplicate to keep it rolling.

Have you tried our new duplicate journey feature yet? Be sure to give us your feedback below.

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