People liftshare for all manner of reasons. Financial savings – unsurprisingly – are the primary incentive. But a recent analysis of Liftshare members found that 69% say one of the reasons they want to share lifts is to help the environment. This is noteworthy, and correlates with the growing majority of adults in Britain who are worried about human impact on climate change. And with the fact that employers who focus on sustainability – welcoming and rewarding ideas that save resources – are better at attracting and retaining younger employees.

Your employees care about what you’re doing to help the planet, and liftsharing is one simple way to make a significant impact on your sustainability. Over the last 20 years, Liftshare members have saved over 124,000 tonnes of CO2 – and taken more than 630 million miles off our roads  (our 2020 mission is to take that figure to 1 billion).

Another constant source of fresh ideas for reducing your organisation’s environmental footprint is Twitter. There are hundreds of inspiring feeds out there to educate, enlighten and galvanise. We’d love you to tweet us with your favourites! Here are five of ours:

Greenpeace: full of eye-opening facts about wildlife, conservation and (especially relevant to us) the environment. Here’s a recent taster that caught our attention – we couldn’t agree more, guys!



UN Environment is the official account of the UN’s Environment Programme, posting important statistics and powerful stories about how people around the world are working to preserve our beautiful planet.

un enviro

If your employees love supporting environmental campaigns, Friends of the Earth are definitely worth following. There’s also lots of topical comment. Here’s another tweet we recently shared – we hope local and national government are listening!

friends of earth

10:10 Climate Action – a charity bringing people together to tackle climate change. We loved these solar-powered rickshaws. That’s what the world needs – innovative thinking!


Not only are these guys international climate experts… they’re also based in Norwich (just like Liftshare). Two reasons the Tyndall Centre is worth following! We would love to welcome you to this beautiful and historic city, if you ever fancy visiting us.


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