Liftshare partners with Better Points to offer rewards to sharers

Liftshare are always looking for ways to get more people to travel sustainably, whether that be walking, cycling, public transport or sharing their journey. Something we’ve wanted to do for a long time is reward members for making a real difference, beyond the amazing savings that regular sharers experience from splitting the costs of commuting.

Liftshare have partnered with Better Points, an app-based technology company that tracks movement and travel methods, to be able to allow clients to reward users based on the behaviours that they wish to encourage.

In a first-of-it’s-kind trial, drivers and passengers will be able to earn points to put towards gift cards for dozens of high-street and online retailers. The rewards are facilitated by the integration of the two systems. Businesses or local authorities who want to incentivise active and shared travel will need both Liftshare and Better Points schemes to be able to benefit from the innovation.

The partnership is even more relevant at this time when companies are trying to encourage staff to walk and cycle to work in an effort to avoid public transport as these modes can be incentivised using the Better Points app. The focus can then include start to include car-sharing once the pandemic has ended and people are travelling more normally.

Before now the incentivisation or rewarding of car-sharing has been manual for organisations. Many offer priority parking, entry into prize draws or money to use in canteens. This integration is an automated, seamless way for users to collect points every time they travel and redeem them for vouchers and gift cards to be used in shops like John Lewis, Tesco, Starbucks and Amazon to name but a few.

By working together, the companies hope to further help companies and local authorities drive behaviour change amongst their staff and residents to more sustainable, green alternatives such as walking, cycling and car-sharing. They are working on a number of trials with shared clients with a plan to roll out the integration within months.

Liftshare CEO and Founder, Ali Clabburn, said, “We’ve always wanted to be able to reward our members for sharing. They’re doing a brilliant thing that has so many benefits, so being able to earn cash while they’re doing it is a double whammy! With this new integration we’re incentivising the behaviour that will help reduce emissions and save the planet, all while earning money. What’s not to love?’


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Author Simon Cross


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