Calculate your organisation’s ACEL 

Shockingly commuting is responsible for 5% of all UK carbon emissions – 18 billion kg of CO2e annually. Without reducing the emission from commuting, it will not be possible for organisations to hit their net zero goals.  


We’re on a mission to make Zero Carbon Commuting a reality, and as part of that mission we have invented ACEL© (Average Commuter Emissions Level). ACEL is a rating system that empowers employers and communities to understand, benchmark and improve their commuting emissions. 

Our free ACEL calculator allows organisations to quickly identify the modes of travel that are emitting the highest levels of CO2e, allowing them to set targets in line with the net zero ambitions. 

Ali Clabburn, CEO of the Liftshare Group, said: “Employers play an essential role in decarbonising the commute. COVID-19 is forcing businesses to re-examine their entire ways of working. As organisations overhaul their operations to manage social distancing and the health of their workforce, it’s vital that commuting is considered as part of this mix.” 

To calculate your ACEL, all you need is your organisation’s latest travel survey: 



How do your region’s commuter emissions compare? 

We’ve calculated ACEL© scores for every region in the UK – the lower the score the closer your region is to to Zero Carbon Commuting: 


Using the ACEL map, you can hover over regions in the UK to see its ACEL, or click for a full breakdown: 


Each region has its own ACEL, with a breakdown on where the emissions are coming from per mode 

Take South Staffordshire for example, they have one of the highest Average Commuter Emissions Levels in the country coming in at 739, largely due to the whopping 66.26% of their population driving alone to work: 


Comparing this with Cambridge’s ACEL of 349, with only 27.34% driving alone to work, clearly shows the divide between inner-city and rural sustainable travel provisions and initiatives and how they can affect commuter travel: 





How can we help reduce your ACEL?

Liftshare Group’s latest product – the Mobilityways Platform – helps employers understand the barriers people face to moving towards a more sustainable mode of travel. We can survey your staff and generate Personal Travel Plans to ensure all employees can see what options they have available to them. Our ACEL certification helps organisations and Local Authorities set ACEL targets with us and provides them with resources, partnerships and initiatives to work towards Zero Carbon Commuting.  


The Liftshare Group is on a mission to make Zero Carbon Commuting a reality. 

To find out more about the ACEL calculator, ACEL map or about our new Platform, please get in touch by emailing us at 


Author Sarah Roberts


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