Mobilityways: the platform to survey, collect mobility insights and promote and incentivise behaviour change

In September 2020 we combined our two decades of experience in changing commuting behaviours, with our renewed mission to make Zero Carbon Commuting a reality, to launch our sister brand; Mobilityways. 

This yearLiftshare is proud to announce the Mobilityways Platform: The ultimate tool to evidence, track, plan and change your organisation’s commuter emissions. 

The Mobilityways Platform has several modules that work seamlessly together. 


Travel Survey 

Survey all of your employees using the Mobilityways Travel Survey, this tracks modal shift from pre-COVID-19, during the pandemic and what your employees are likely to be using as their commute mode after the COVID-19 vaccine. It also collects data around barriers to commuting, distance travelled to work, and more.  


Fig 1The Mobilityways dashboard survey module. 


Travel Survey data is compiled automatically into your companies ACEL© (Average Commuter Emissions Level): 

Fig 2: Mobilityways Average Commuter Emissions Level.

Your ACEL© allows you to quickly identify the modes of travel that are emitting the highest levels of CO2, allowing you to set targets and implement changes to reduce this. You can use it to: 

  • Benchmark your organisation against national and local averages. 
  • Understand which modes of transport can deliver the biggest impact on emissions. 
  • Compare your organisation’s performance over time 

 Want to see what your ACEL is? All you need is your most recent travel survey data on which modes your employees use to get to work. Find out more HERE


Scoping Smart Mobility uses employee post codes to provide organisations with insights to make informed decisions on their employees commuting problems. You can read more about what it provides in detail HERE. 

The Mobilityways Platform allows you to collect all of your Scoping reports in one place and allow sharing of the Scoping map amongst your colleagues. 


Fig 3The Scoping report shows the feasible walking and cycling radius around your HQ, the coloured dots represent who has a walking and cycling option. 


The insights from your Scoping Smart Mobility report allow you to simulate the impact that Behaviour Change initiatives will make to your ACEL. For example if Scoping shows that 40% of your employees live within 6 miles, they are therefore within prime distance of walking or cycling to work. You can then simulate your ACEL with 40% of your staff using active travel, and immediately see the impact on your commuting emissions.  

Fig 4: ACEL dashboard and comparison to historic organisations ACEL 


Personalised Travel Plans (PTP) 

PTP enables you to send out Personalised Travel Plans to all of your employeesshow them all the available options for their individual commute. PTP also tracks behaviour if the staff member decides to move towards a more sustainable commute, and what the blockers are to changing their behaviour.  

PTP is the only behaviour change journey planner in the UK that gives you public transport, walking and cycling results as well as car sharing matches in one place to be able to make an informed, yet independent decision on how you can best travel to your place of work. 

Fig 5Each Personalised Travel Plan delivers bespoke recommendations for how each employee can commute to work, and is followed up with a  behaviour change tracker, incentivising and encouraging a switch to more sustainable commuting.  


Behaviour Change 

The Mobilityways Platform doesn’t just collect and display data insights. Our team have been working on creating a more sustainable commute for the past 22 years at Liftshare, investigating way more than just carsharingOur behaviour change expertise allows you to see which initiatives are best for your organisation to implement to encourage behaviour change and work towards Zero Carbon Commuting. 


We’re on a mission to make Zero Carbon Commuting a reality. 


To find out more about this exciting new product get in touch by emailing us at 


Author Sarah Roberts


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