Client survey: You asked, we listened.

Earlier this year we surveyed all of our incredible Liftshare Community Managers to get feedback on what we should do more of to help you get through this difficult and uncertain time.

  • Over 50% of you put sustainability as HIGH priority on your organisation’s agenda.
  • 72% of our clients are considering a more blended approach to working (part time home and office) in the future.
  • Over 50% got in contact to say you’d like to hear more about the changes we have made to the Scoping Smart Mobility product. This includes a map with all of your employees plotted on there to give you a full picture of clusters of where staff live and the transport modes they each have available to them there (Public Transport services, lift sharing opportunity, active travel routes etc). Find out more HERE.

We asked you what features of Liftshare are most important to you, these were the top 3:

  1. Helping us achieve as many car sharers as possible to reduce Single Occupancy Vehicles coming to site
  2. Travel plans for all staff showing them all the possible modes they could use to get to our HQ
  3. Rewards and incentives for car-sharers

We want to make sure that we go above and beyond with the delivery of your top 3 needs from us. So how are we doing this?

  1. We are working on building a survey tool, so you can measure all of your employees commuting habits and modes to get a true picture of your mobility landscape. Though testing we have had some really interesting results. The diagram below shows how members were commuting pre-covid, during the pandemic, and what mode they plan on using in the return to work. If you’d like a sneak peak of this new product contact me, Sarah Roberts – Head of Product, on

2. We are offering all clients the ability to send out personal travel plans (PTP’s) to all of their staff, PTP’s give the employee all of the available travel options they have to them, and give a descriptive breakdown of journey directions, calories burnt, time taken and more.

3. Regarding rewards and incentives, we’ve partnered with BetterPoints, who have the behaviour change technology and expertise you need for motivating healthier and greener habits. The Liftshare and BetterPoints apps are integrated, so that carsharers can be rewarded on the same platform as active commuters (walking and cycling).


We also asked you what the biggest thing we could help you with right now, the most requested item was around the GUIDELINES FOR CARSHARING:

We keep our guidance for WORKPLACES and for individual COMMUTERS regularly updated, taking advice and guidance from the UK governments travel advice.

Many of you expressed interest in the news that Liftshare have partnered with suppliers who offer an advanced decontamination system for car interiors. Highly trained staff are deployed to propel an electrically charged fine mist to surfaces and common touch points, killing viruses and bacteria at point of impact then leaving a scientifically-proven protective shield that is guaranteed to last for 28 days. This results in a touch safe area for all. Find out more here:


Finally, the big news.

We asked you whether you would be interested in an end-to-end mobility analysis, travel planning and car-sharing system. A connected transport planning system that demonstrates the potential mobility landscape (all the modes of how your staff can get to your HQ(s)), but also sends all staff their personal travel plan and creates pending Liftshare accounts for them, to help you track behaviour change and incentivize more journeys being added to your Liftshare community. The interest has been phenomenal and we’re now mid-build of this product, hoping to release in the new year!


To find out more about any of the above products or services, contact us using


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