Are you in one of the top five liftsharing counties in the UK?

People of County Durham, Cumbria, Northumberland, Bristol and Northamptonshire – we salute you. Did you know that you live in the UK’s top five liftsharing counties?

Idyllic Northumberland

Around the UK, there are typically more than 12 drivers on the road for every one person travelling as a car passenger. In County Durham, that drops to just 8.7. Whilst there’s still a long way to go before sharing a car becomes as normal as recycling, that figure is almost twice as good as Surrey’s: they languish at the bottom of the liftsharing league, with 16.7 drivers on their roads for every one passenger.

So what is happening differently in your regions which others could learn from? What are you doing to put your counties ahead of the game in sustainable car travel?

Your statistics, which came from the last national census, may be even better now. We would love to know what you are doing, and to help you to keep doing more of it! Just as we are at the University of Northampton – in the heart of one of those top five counties.

uni northampton

“Liftshare offer a tried-and-tested product that not only helps deliver efficient and effective sustainable transport solutions for its customers,” says Tony Ciaburro, who runs the university’s scheme, “but as a Social Enterprise it is committed to the delivery of wider policy objectives with a genuine focus on reducing overall car mileage through sound and sensible approaches.”

In the last 20 years, Liftshare schemes have taken 571, 831, 979 car miles off the UK’s roads*. Our 2020 mission is to reach 1 billion. If you’d like to be a part of that vision, drop us a line and we’ll show you how Liftshare can help your employees get out of single-occupancy cars and commute with colleagues going the same way.

*Data recorded 20/08/2018

Stats for top five liftsharing counties:

County Durham = 8.7; Cumbria = 9.1; Northumberland = 10.1; Bristol = 10.2; Northamptonshire = 10.4.


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