Liftshare’s Clean Air Heroes


Around 2.5 Million people share their commutes to work every year in the UK, taking 1.25 million cars off the road and saving around 1.25 million tonnes of C02/year. It’s simple really, sharing a car to work significantly improves air quality. To celebrate clean air day, Liftshare is highlighting some of our most successful client schemes. 

N.B. during the pandemic we have updated our workplace car sharing guidelines so that our members can share safely if they do not have a viable alternative mode of transport.


West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) 

Winners of the brand new Leadership in Responding to the Climate Emergency Award, West Yorkshire Combined Authority is committed to reducing its carbon emissions and providing cleaner air for its communities. 

For nearly 20 years, we have thoroughly enjoyed working with WYCA to provide one of our most successful Liftshare schemes. Since starting its regional Liftshare scheme in early 2000, WYCA has saved an incredible 16 million miles of journeys, which equates to an almighty 3600 tonnes of CO2 reductions – which would take 144,000 trees a year to absorb. We are really excited to continue helping WYCA to drive down its carbon emissions to zero by 2038.  


Carshare Devon

Did you know that Devon has more mileage of road than anywhere else in the country? Incredibly, Devon County Council is responsible for a whopping 8,000 miles of road, which is why it’s a very good thing that Devon has such a successful regional Liftshare scheme. 

Since launching its regional scheme, Devon has saved 19 million miles of journeys and as a result 4,234 tonnes of CO2 – which would take 169,376 trees a year to absorb. One of the most fantastic things about working with Devon County Council has been its enthusiasm to promote the scheme, e.g. its regular ‘Win a tank of fuel’ competition that encourages people to register a Liftshare journey in return for the chance to win a tank of fuel, up to the value of £100.


SEStran TripShare

Liftshare has had the pleasure of working in partnership with SEStran since 2006, providing a web-based car sharing platform, along with dedicated support, to SEStran and its eight local authorities. Over the last 13 years this partnership approach has seen SEStran Tripshare grow to become the largest regional car share network in the UK, with over 20 million miles of journeys saved and 4,561 tonnes of CO2 reductions – which would take 182,440 trees a year to absorb. 

SEStran TripShare represents Liftshare at its best, with members across Scotland having used the scheme to travel in an affordable and sustainable way. The more that people Liftshare in Scotland, the cleaner its air will be, which is why we are extremely happy to be helping SEStran provide such a vital service for its communities. 


Annual commuting emissions in the UK make up 18 billion kg of CO2e. By helping organisations to establish industry-leading car sharing schemes, Liftshare has helped to dramatically reduce emissions and as a result deliver cleaner air to communities across the UK. We would like to thank all our clients and partners for helping us to create better, greener and happier commutes. 

Author Andrew Lim


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