Scoping Smart Mobility: October Product updates

Scoping Smart Mobility uses employee post codes to provide organisations with insights to make informed decisions on their employees commuting problems. You can read more about what it provides HERE.


We’ve recently added more functionality to our Scoping product to include ‘working from home’ and social distancing analysis!


Using your employee post codes, and the post code of your HQ, the scoping report provides you with insights on the percentages of your employees that have sustainable transport options available to them, be that walk, cycle, use public transport or car-share:



New features


Seasonal active travel – We know that telling our clients the percentage of staff that can commute by walking or cycling is not likely to last all year long, because we live in the UK… and the weather is shocking! So it is important that your active commuters have sustainable alternatives available to them, allowing them to continue with a sustainable commute year-round. Since this has gone live, the reports we have run have shown that 100% of employees who have an active travel option also have a sustainable alternative available to them!


Working from home – We want to encourage businesses to have net zero commuting, and to reach this, it may be beneficial to your business to encourage a proportion of your employees to work from home, where possible. Through this new analysis included on the scoping report, you can see CO2e savings, financial savings, and improved employee wellbeing, if you asked the farthest 20% of your workforce work from home 2 days per week.


Detail which operators provide Public Transport Services – We now show you details of which operators provide Public Transport services – e.g. 214 people have Arriva bus options, 116 Stagecoach bus options etc. The below image shows that out of the 63% of employees who have a viable public transport option at this business, Stagecoach Manchester provides 98% of the viable commuting options! Since this operator has the greatest reach among your employees, we can help you discuss travel incentives with them to encourage a modal shift toward public transport.



Social distancing – As a result of COVID-19 it is now essential to consider the safest ways for your employees to commute to the workplace. In line with the social distancing measures in place, this figure considers the safest modes available and shows what proportion of your employees have access to each. While driving alone may seem preferable, the below example shows a business that 88% of their employees have a safe and sustainable alternative available to them:


If you’re interested in finding out more about Scoping Smart Mobility, give us a call on 01603 389321 or register your interest through the below link and we can send you further information: Contact us





Author Sarah Roberts


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