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With the current landscape of Covid-19 and new social distancing rules, Liftshare wants to continue our work in taking Single Occupancy Vehicles off our roads to reduce C02.

We also know that we’re getting some pretty excellent weather at the moment – fingers crossed it stays!


At Liftshare, we are proud to have technology that can be quickly adapted to suit our ever-changing environment. The BIKE AND WALK system has been a part of Liftshare for over a decade, constantly evolving and helping commuters buddy-up with others who wish to join them on their commute.

Members of Liftshare can search through who is biking and walking close to them, and message them to see if they would like someone to bike or walk with:


It’s super easy to post a journey to your community noticeboard, all the system needs if your Journey start point, end destination, departure time and whether you are walking or cycling:


This is the perfect tool for those new to cycling, and wish to be with another cyclist, on the same commute, who is more experienced and can stay with them to help them whilst they trial the new form of travelling.

With the current landscape of Covid-19 and new social distancing rules, catching public transport or driving to and from work is not as simple as it once was. If your employer is encouraging you to return to work, and you’re feeling a little uneasy about trying a new sustainable form of a transport then we hope this can help you.

If you would like to speak to us to understand more about what how we’re adapting our service offering, and who we’re working with, during COVID-19, and how it could help you or your organisation then get in touch with us at tellmemore@liftshare.com.

Author Sarah Roberts


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