Introducing… our biggest team yet!

In the last financial year, Liftshare has experienced a period of growth. Not only have we launched new products and added awards to our cabinet, we’ve had new members join our team.

Liftshare prides itself on its staff, and we’re delighted to introduce you to our five newest team members.

We asked them to tell us a little about themselves, along with why they’re excited to be working at Liftshare.

Mike, Client Engagement Manager:

“Australian who’s been in the UK for 3 years and at Lifthare for 6 months. Into Aussie Rules (Adelaide Crows), and Football (Norwich City). Wanting to explore the pressing need to better utilise the vehicle through modal shift into a shared commute, as well as understand how technology can complement behavioural change to progress some of our key schemes where success can be achieved en masse.”

Adam, Client Engagement Manager:

“I love everything sports and managed to win a world championship in TaeKwonDo as well as competing at a high level in Rugby & American Football… I’m energetic, organised and focused on success in everything I do. I’m looking to bring a collaborative approach to my new role, making sure that everyone is pulling in the right direction and utilising all the tools we have. I think targets, goals and rewards are the key to success. I’m great at problem solving and always try to come up with innovative ideas to help push schemes forward.”

Stacey, Client Engagement Manager:

“To make a positive impact is my greatest reward. I’m most passionate about working alongside our clients, delving into what represents success to them, understanding their culture and what solutions I can provide to them!”

Laura C, Events and Membership Executive:

“I’m excited to have just joined Liftshare’s Events Team. I have a background in Communications and Events and am excited to have the opportunity to play a role in Liftshare’s future, contributing to meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations.”

Laura will be joining Laura W and Harry in supporting Liftshare’s members, both from the office and face-to-face.

Last, but by no means least, Emma joins our Finance team, to ensure smooth business!

We hope you enjoy working with our team as much as we do having them on board.

Author Laura Watling


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