Travel to the Moon and back with Liftshare

At Liftshare, we consider ourselves as trailblazers and like any trailblazer we love a milestone.

We’re on a mission to save 1 billion car miles by March 2020… but we can’t do it alone.

Milestone achieved!

We’re delighted to announce that, to date, our members have taken over 800 MILLION car miles off the UK’s roads. That’s the equivalent of


1674 return trips to the Moon
Over 32, 000 times around the Earth
Nearly 7 million trips across the M25

What do we mean by road miles?

Every trip you take in your car clocks up car miles. That’s miles releasing emissions, having wear and tear on your car and the roads and causing congestion.

For every car journey you share with others, you’re helping us to reduce car miles.

How do we calculate road mile savings?

For every shared journey, we can take at least 1 X the amount of the journey distance off of the road, and again and again per passenger. So, if 3 people are travelling 22 miles (the average commuter journey) in one car, 44 miles are saved per trip.

Why should you help Liftshare reach 1 billion road miles saved?

We’re a Social Enterprise, meaning that what we do as a business is reinvested in enabling people to Travel Happy. That’s one of the reason we won our Digital Agenda Impact Award!

Whether you share your regular journey to work or a one-off journey to a festival, you’ll do more than help us to record miles saved. You’ll:

Save money (on average, our regular sharers save over £1000 a year)
Reduce your carbon footprint (on average, our regular sharers reduce their carbon footprint by 10% a year!)
Arrive at your destination happier with a new friend (see the proof)

By sharing journeys, you’re also helping to reduce congestion on our roads. The UK is the 10th most congested country in the World! This means you’ll get to your destination quicker, rather than sitting in traffic.

Liftshare is free to use. You can try us out by adding your journey to and help us to help you!



Author Laura Watling


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