Were you the winner of Liftshare Scheme Manager of the Month?

Implementing a Liftshare scheme into your business has huge benefits to your organisation, for example, reducing the need for additional parking.

A Liftshare scheme can also improve your staff’s lives, be it saving them money or helping them to arrive to work less stressed.

Liftshare provides the products and best practice knowledge to help our clients implement their schemes successfully. We can’t take all the credit, though. At each organisation, we work with a dedicated Liftshare Scheme Manager.

We want to thank those Liftshare Scheme Managers who go above and beyond to have a powerful impact with their Liftshare scheme. Every month, we award the Liftshare Scheme Manager of the month!

It’s unsurprising that Wolseley’s success, including removing 10,000 miles off the road in one month, saw Liftshare award Tim Matthews and Stuart Hargreaves from Wolseley the Liftshare Scheme Manager of the Month in December.

January saw the esteemed title be awarded to Polly Wise, Liftshare Scheme Manager of Rolls Royce Motor Cars. Polly took onboard Liftshare’s advice to incentivise their Liftshare scheme. This saw their membership triple with a 50% conversion rate from members to confirmed sharers.

Finally, our February winner was Vodafone’s Liftshare Scheme Manager, Laura Erskine. Laura has worked with Liftshare to build an element of trust with her staff in Liftshare’s brand and its benefits. In turn, she has advocated Liftshare across the site whilst meeting staff’s needs.

Your Client Engagement Manager is available to you to ensure you get the best out of your scheme. With 21 years in the sustainable transport industry, we are the experts in behavioral change. Get in touch with your Client Engagement Manager today for best practice advice to meet your sustainable travel goals.

Author Laura Watling


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