Product Updates: First 3 months of 2019 off to a strong start!

Amongst all the smaller changes that we’ve been making to improve the usability of both the Dashboard for our clients and the user pages for our members, we’ve made some dramatic changes to our main products as well this quarter.

If you’re a Liftshare client and want to see ALL the changes we’ve made this quarter, you can find them listed on your Liftshare dashboard under UPDATES on the navigation pane.

Updated dashboard homepage

The Liftshare dashboard gives our clients the ability to track the uptake and conversion of their scheme, as well as giving them access to free downable marketing materials to help them promote sustainable travel at their HQ.

The update gives clients a clearer picture of the ‘user funnel’ of their members, giving clients the required information to convert as many of their staff to sharing as possible:

prod up1


Here’s an overview of what the stats mean:

prod up2

Smart Parking

This is one of our latest technologies that our existing clients can upgrade to. Smart Parking enables clients to check whether their employees have parked in the correct spaces and have authenticated when they share.

We’re constantly updating our reporting suite to help our clients monitor this and have made several updates to these pages over the quarter. This page shows the financial, C02 and mileage savings from authenticated trips across a scheme:

prod up3


Read receipts

Read receipts have been added to member to member messages through valuable NPS feedback. This has helped our users dramatically and has encouraged more messaging and requests to share across the system since implementation.


Scoping report changes

We’ve made some significant changes to our Scoping Smart Mobility tool. By plugging in your employee’s postcodes, the Scoping report gives you a clear picture of the areas that lack public transport, areas that have great walking and cycling routes and the potential Liftshare options:

prod up4





prod up5

Product Awards

We strive to create award-winning products that disrupt the industry and prove our constant innovation and progress. This quarter, we’ve been awarded 2 awards!

Scoping Smart Mobility won the Intelligent Parking award at the British Parking Awards and our car sharing platform won the award for Sharing Economy at the Digital Agenda Impact Awards ‘Tech for good’ AS WELL AS the Queens Award for Enterprise.

prod up 6 prod up7


We’re updating the Liftshare App to make messaging other Liftshare members even faster and improving the Authentication experience for all our members who authenticate each time they share:

prod up 8

We’ve also got some VERY EXCITING news relating to technical integrations that we’re soon to be launching with some new Liftshare Partners later this year. Stay tuned!



We release product blogs throughout the year to keep you updated on the new features of Liftshare. Our clients can see further release notes on their client dashboard in the updates section, with even more detail and even more changes.

Take a look at our previous blogs to read more about what new changes have been introduced in 2018; April-June, July-Sept, Oct-Dec.



Have you got some ideas about additional features or functionality on our platform as a member or a client? Get in touch by tweeting us @Liftshare or email our Head of Product, Sarah Roberts using


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