The 2015 UK General Election – Who’s pledging what for sustainability?


conservative carConservatives

Will invest £500m over the next 5 years to ensure almost every car and van is a zero emission vehicle by 2050.  Wants to double the number of journeys made by bicycle and will invest over £200m to make cycling safer.


labour busLabour

Will devolve regional transport decision making so that areas can bring together trains, buses, ferries and trams into a single network with smart-ticketing.  Will make cycling safer and more accessible with national standards to reduce deaths and injuries.


lib dem bikeLiberal Democrats

Will stimulate a minimum of £100b more private investment in low-carbon energy infrastructure by 2020.



green walkingGreen Party

Will cut emissions through cheaper public transport and encouraging cycling/walking.



Source: 2degrees website

Author Jonathan Scutt


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