Widen your recruitment net and reduce staff turn-over

It’s a sobering fact, but if your company employs 200 staff, you can expect to lose about 30 of them over the next 12 months. And as recruiting a new employee typically costs over £5,000, the departure of these colleagues is likely to cost you in excess of £150,000.

But now for the good news… while average staff attrition is 15% a year, it can be much lower – and accessibility is one of the ways to reduce your turn-over rate.

Take Ocado, the online supermarket. Employing 2,000 staff at its customer fulfilment centre, Ocado needs to attract (and retain!) a large number of people – especially as that workforce keeps growing. But site access is via a dual carriageway, so the main mode of transport is by car. And as 23% of UK households do not have access to a car, this can deter – or even prevent – good candidates from applying for work or staying in post. So Ocado put a Liftshare scheme in place, and promotes it in numerous ways – including through its induction process. As a result, 36% of the workforce have registered to share lifts, meaning many employees who may otherwise not have taken a job there (or not stayed for long), now have reliable and affordable transport into work.

Ocado’s Liftshare scheme manager, Natasha, says that colleagues sharing lifts is now part of the company culture: “Liftshare has been vital in the recruitment and retention of our staff. We have now expanded the scheme to another two customer fulfilment centres, whose schemes are taking off well.”

natasha grogen

But accessibility isn’t just for people with no access to a car. Without Liftshare, some of our members would have had to leave their jobs for health reasons. Tim lost his licence for 12 months after an epileptic fit. “Where I live, the bus service is insufficient for commuting,” he said, “so it would either be a case of moving house – which would prevent my partner from working – or giving up work.” Tim’s commute is 40 miles each way, but he quickly found someone who was happy to give him a lift every day.

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Liftshare helps businesses attract talent from further afield. People without a car; people who can’t afford tickets; people who can’t find their ideal job because transport isn’t available. If you want to improve your recruitment and retention, we can help your staff travel happy too. Just drop us a line today.


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