UberPOOL open an actual pool in London 🏊

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In an enviable summer press stunt, UberPOOL are opening an actual swimming pool in London to promote their carpooling option for Uber users.

Set to be wedged between Shoreditch station and shipping-crate-shopping-mall Boxpark, the swimming pool will be open on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th September for users to book in private pool parties with up to 10 of their friends, with an open public session in the evenings.

There’ll be a DJ present and the chance to win free UberPOOL rides for swimmers.

But can the UberPOOL Party encourage Londoners to share their taxi trips? Lyft have just pulled their ‘Carpool Commute’ option in San Francisco, citing a lack of interest; and there’s new competition in the form of start-up Juno in New York.

Of course, you could cut costs further and liftshare rather than order a taxi. Use the iOS or Android apps to find someone going your way anyway, and split the costs with them. As they’re already making the trip, and aren’t taxi drivers, a profit can’t be made, so it’s considerably cheaper than taking a cab. Get involved now!

Author Lex Barber


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