Liftshare bans all cars for European Mobility Week

Last week, Liftshare took part in European Mobility Week.

This was a national initiative for towns, cities, schools and businesses to show their commitment to clean and sustainable urban transport.

The EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK campaign provides the perfect opportunity to present sustainable mobility alternatives to local residents and to explain the challenges that cities and towns are facing. By taking part, towns and cities can showcase the benefits of cleaner transport choices and make progress towards better mobility in Europe.

As a business, we wanted to test our staff to see who could trial a new form of transport for the week, and reward everyone that travelled sustainably.

We also made sure we made use of our completely car park for the week! Check out the below:

Our CEO, Ali Clabburn said “European Mobility Week was a total success! I knew staff would get on board, but seeing the empty car park really hit home for me, making me SO impressed and proud with the range of activities that they trailed to get to work!

It couldn’t have been a better week to do it on because of the Climate Change Strike on Friday the 20th of September! I’m so pleased with the team for changing their habits for the week!”.

Many of the Liftshare staff tried a bus service or a cycle route that they hadn’t used before. Kyle Risi, Business Analyst at Liftshare said “I thought cycling would take me 40 minutes, but it took me 22! And the route was so much easier than I thought, so I will definitely be cycling again!”


Liftshare are currently preparing their biggest LIFTSHARE WEEK campaign ever, trying to get as many people to try car sharing and take more cars off the road. If you’d like to get involved, you can read more about it here:

Author Sarah Roberts


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