Are you planning to Commute Back Better?

A return to ‘business as usual’ doesn’t have to mean reverting back to the same old routine! 

The success of the Covid-19 vaccination roll out has seen many of our clients start planning their return to the office. In a bid to reduce the impact of single occupancy vehicles, we’re inviting our partners to help their teams Commute Back Better!

Commute Back Better is a FREE campaign for all existing Liftshare clients aimed at promoting car sharing as a safe and sustainable travel option to avoid a car-led recovery as more workforces return to work. 

All you need to do is tell us when you plan on returning your workforce to the office on this survey and we’ll do the rest! You’ll be provided with all the marketing materials, communications, incentives and prizes to boost staff engagement with your Liftshare scheme. 

The restructuring of teams, amendments to shift patterns and changes in personnel means now is a great time to re-engage former scheme users, as well as attract new ones. 

We’ll be running four Commute Back Better webinars every week, starting from September, to easily onboard your team onto the Liftshare app. They’ll be shown how to connect with colleagues and add their journeys to start saving miles today! 

Why is it important to encourage my workforce to share a lift? 

  • Commuting accounts for 18 billion kgs of CO2e every year 
  • During rush hour, 90% of cars have just 1 person in them 
  • There are 36 million empty seats on our roads everyday 
  • 9 million commuters could share a lift to work but currently travel alone 
  • Reducing your commuter emissions will help you meet your net zero goals 


You can see a full list of the business benefits of car sharing here. We hope you’ll take action on commuter emissions and take advantage of this FREE opportunity to help your teams Commute Back Better! 

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