Urban congestion tackled by South East of Scotland Transport Partnership

The case file for SESTRANs demonstrates how regional transport partnerships are working together to beat urban congestion.
Objectives: Reduce urban congestion and aid reporting of carbon reductions
– Geographically diverse region – ranging from Scotland’s capital city through to rural areas
– Region is home to 28% of Scotland’s population

– Buy-in and support from senior management
– Strong and consistent use of Tripshare branding
– Annual involvement in Liftshare Week
– Good connections within the local community
– Partnership with Liftshare on EU funded projects

– More than 8,100 members
– Over 8,000 journeys registered
– Consistent membership growth month on month
– Estimate that more than 3,000,000 miles will be taken off the road in the next 12 months

quote marks“The support from Liftshare is extremely helpful, and the communication tools provided are of good quality. The National Liftshare Week campaigns are usually very good. I particularly liked the retro campaign we had a few years ago.”
Lisa Freeman, Strategy Liaison Officer


Author Jonathan Scutt


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