Global Sharing Week takes place June 7-13 and it sees the world’s sharing companies getting together to show how, with a few lifestyle tweaks, anyone can save serious money, help the environment or improve their social situation by sharing with others.

Liftshare has been around since 1998, but it still warms our hearts to see car owners sharing their vehicle’s spare seats with those who perhaps can’t afford a car, or people who don’t have access to transport for a range of reasons.

In short: if we can help people get around regardless of social status, income or location, then we’re happy. Together our community of over 430,000 sharers has saved just under £60 million since our site launched.

But we’re not alone. In fact, there are countless sharing economy sites out there today helping people stretch their money further, overcome everyday problems and share what they have in many areas of their daily lives.

In the spirit of Global Sharing Week we spoke with six other sharing economy sites in the UK about what they do and how they help people in various situations, such as Fareshare’s re-distribution of food from supermarkets to those unable to afford meals. We

By sharing what we have so that others have access to goods and services, we’re helping to make the world a brighter place.

So without further ado, here is our visual roadmap to a sharing world. Are you on board yet?


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